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CARTOGRAPHIES OF CONFLUENCE is an ongoing sonic research and multisensorial mediation of a dispersed river body, that seeks out the purposeful and agentic rhythms of the stream while also attending unheard noises that are involved in the production of the stream. It explores modes of listening that trace the connections of these sounds of waters from industrial and cultural use in the northern Black Forest to other (wounded) bodies of water in confluence with it.

Field recording is employed as a mode of sonic intimacy with the stream, beyond romanticizing gestures that facilitate images of a pristine and pre-colonial nature. The project maps sounds and noises (often behind closed doors of various productions) of infrastructure constructed to control the current as well as sounds that are related to the stratifictions of aquatic cleansing – an image, facilitated through the countless healing fountains, various bottled water brands and extensive self care and spa culture, in the northern black forest.

The mediation formats (mostly carried out in close proximity to the enz current) of the AQUEOUS AMBIENT FLOOR relates us to remedies and toxins, infrastructures of contamination, rejuvenation and other porosities. Starting by our own bodies of water the activations invite the listeners into a collective deceleration towards intimacy with the rhythms of the stream. This space of lying down together, embarking on a journey through field recordings of the river, of bodies of water in confluence with it as well as contemporary aquatic ambient textures, proposes collective rest and deep listening as a disruptive strategy that simultaneously opens up our capacity for staying with the wounds and the troubling complexities in our environment and extending our care. The format also provides a milieu for multisensorial activations and cross contaminations with collaborators such as performers and performers.