An assemblage of fragments, forming itself out of the substance of a the material memory and unforming itself back into it. Vibrating as a contact zone of a multipicity of worlds, never fully known, impossible to assimilate. A movement of decay manifesting for brief moment in space as an exponential movement, as an in between and its dissolution.

a project by 4E: Franziska Lyon, Johanna Heilig, Justus Lietzke, Kosmas Dinh


We discover a dissolving place. A former garden spot near the center of Karlsruhe, that has to be demolished because of war load in the ground. We want to remember. The focus lies on the memories that find no place in official archives. How can we reveal the processes of change and decay? To understand we look at the material itself. Which insights can the fracture of a burnt beam or the patina of an old chimney pipe open up for us? By many the empty sheds on the site were used as housing. Which objects do they consider worth remembering?


Through the process of sorting we grasp the Fragments. We catalyse connections and dependencies between them and with the new context of the swimminghall. For the time-span of three days the material assemblage takes on the form of an exponential movement. Due to legal building regulations in the swimminghall only a few people were able to see the installation in its physical form. During these days we continue the exploration by recording sounds directly from the fragments which later are matched with recordings form the site and are turned into a sound environment with our friend Firat Yildiz.