For the presentation of „immaterial“ we developed an exhibition concept that featured the virtual tour of the installation from the swimming hall but also extended the constellations of fragments into yet another context. Alongside, the exhibition presented contextualising video works that gave insight into the events and encounters at the former garden spot in its last days.

a project by Kosmas Dinh, Franziska Lyon, Johanna Heilig, Justus Lietzke


Constellations of fragments, forming itself out of the substance of memory and exchange, and dissolving back into it. The tactile process of sorting the fragments, for us, was a very essential part to grasp the information contained in the material. Through the installation the visitors became part of a continuous sorting process. An evolving exchange between the material memory, the visitors and other visitors, that took part in the process.


The vacancy on the site had been used as shelter by many for several months. LA LUCRU gives insight into an encounter that does not stop at the failure of speech. The people in whose reality we get a glimpse of in the short documentary, show incredible hospitality in the precarious circumstances of the last days before the demolition of their home. The, at times hermetic at other times poetic, images focus on these shared and very honest moments of human warmth in the face of uncertainty.


As one day friends from the ballet came by to visit the exhibition and they immediatley approached the ring installation with a lot of sensibilty and interest, the visit turned into a collaboration very organically. For the closing of the exhibition we invited them to use the ring installation as a frame for a performance. A continutation of the forming and unforming and a final exchange between the material, the dancers and the visitors who took part in hanging and moving the fragments.