ESSENTIAL EATING is a Project driven by several layers of QUESTIONS.

How are objects and events linked? What do you have to give an object, so it is capable of creating atmospheres and events? Is there such a thing as Essence or is it all sediment? Can a sediment become an essence and an essence become fluid again? The project dealt with the act of eating as vehicle for these questions. At the same time, it is a glimpse into other times which are no more or less absurd than any other times. This frame left a lot space for exploring these questions through the hands and together with other people.

ESSENTIAL EATING is a project during COVID-19.


The objects of Essential eating emerged out of a fever of creation. They are mostly unplanned, prototypes, products of my hands. There was never time for a second try so they are as direct as it gets. The project is a melting pot of covid-19 impressions, research on different topics, personal trauma and questions. The shooting and filming were similar. Minimal planning, more of doing the next thing. But from this point on also co-creating with other people and trusting their input. This made the project almost volatile with a lot of direction changes during the process. Sacrificing coherence for a bit of honesty, for a bit of in between of things