Initiated by Vincent Rumahloine and Mang Dian in Bandung, Western Indonesia, SEDEKAH BENIH is a platform for knowledge exchange, focussing on bridging scientific and embodied community knowledge. Seeds as vessels of ecological intelligence are brought to the central „Waisenhausplatz“ of Pforzheim. Our collective 4E joins this human to human approach as the local part of the team. Alongside members of the various communities, who come together on this site, we set up bamboo huts that for the next two months become a meeting ground, where music for chilis connects nonhuman and human participants. The process is accompnanied by big events like a culinary arts performance with the Indonesian collective soy division but its real impact lies in its connection with the rhythms that melt together on this site, enriching the exchange at the Pforzheimer Waisenhausplatz.

CURRENTS OF DESIRE – An exhibition and exchange format activating public space through young student positions.
How are currents of desire involved in the production of the materiality of gold and water? How can we trace the complexities of value fluctuations and streams of extractive productions while engaging in poetic processes that attune us to desirable futures and initiate them?

GOLD - Eine Auseinandersetzung mit dem Wert und dem Preis von Gold jenseits der wirtschaftlichen Bedeutung
- Hannah Tatarelli, Josefin Böttiger, Maximilan Schmidauer
The project explores the strata and relations of gold as a material in cultural, social, political and ecological contexts. In the form of haptic objects, a video installation and a magazine, the three design students create a multi-perspective approach to gold as a material and a myth.

On display are three complete analog films that explore the element of water as a plane between lens and subject. Through the distortion and refraction of light, the subjects are transformed by the materiality of water. Out of moments of intimacy and curiosity, photographs were taken with an analog underwater camera from various bodies of water. Instead of using the viewfinder of the camera, photography is understood as and practiced with the whole body.

The project TANZ UNPLUGGED by Lina Höhne takes place in the absence of somatic exchange during the pandemic. Postcards that enable the social networks of everybody in a time of “social distancing” were installed to take away in public space. They comprise scores which include the body aswell as the option to be split into multiple smaller cards with the potential of further entanglement of the recipients. Alongside the cards, Photographs that were taken during an intergenerational dance piece create a link to a time, when closeness of bodies and generations was still normal.

Co-Creation: Kosmas Dinh
Graphic design: Bruno Jacoby

DUE TO DESPITE OF, a drawing workshop with Francisco Ladron de Guevara Rodriguez facilitates a post-disciplinary approach towards drawing.
The workshop is a development of a concept that already took place in Madrid and Lithuania. After a short introduction into the history of the medium, Ladron begins to open up drawing towards other disciplines, alongside the participants. In applied exercises drawing is experienced as an affective practice in the context of rhythms and music as well as in relation to space and to the body.

Graphic by Justus Lietzke
Organised by Kosmas Dinh