FINDING LIQUID GROUND plunges into the wet and vibrant materiality of the river Enz. Through sonic and craft methodologies, the project aims to facilitate contact zones for nonhuman and human currents, especially around the various communities that meet on the central Waisenhausplatz of Pforzheim – in proximity to the river.

The slides below show excerpts of the Thesis of Kosmas Dinh. The text is an exercise on thinking with water and alluvial materials. It traces new materialisms back to the philosophy of the early 20th century and investigates (hydro)feminist ontologies that soak the ground on which western metaphysics is built. The writing on the ontologies unfolds in a constant cross-contamination with somatic studies and direct interactions with the context and the materiality of the river.

On the central Waisenhausplatz in Pforzheim the approach of FINDING LIQUID GROUND connects with the project SEDEKAH BENIH, of the Indonesian Artist Vincent Rhumahloine. The collective Indonesian practices of nongkrong, of collaborating and hanging out together inform finding liquid ground, which in turn introduces a new collaborator: The river ENZ (its stream also waters the Chili plants of the project). On site a collection point for alluvial material that the river brings every day, was set up. Here an intra-action between the fluid rhythms of the river and the rhythms of various human currents takes place. The sphere of the hands becomes a zone for a first contact, from which a sensibility for each others rhythms becomes grapable.

The approach is continued in various collaborations that sensetize us beyond the length of our arms for the connections in the water.